Children At The Border

In 1938 and 1939, Jewish parents in Europe realized the horrible conditions they were enduring from the Nazis would not end soon. A an act of desperation, an in a last ditch effort to save their children, some of those parents sent their children - unaccompanied - to England in what was known as the Kindertransport. It was a measure of last resort for the parents but through that effort 10,000 children were saved. Later, an additional 1,400 children were rescued and brought to the US. Doubtless, many others were handed to friends and strangers who put the children by ones and twos on boats and planes and carried them to safety beyond the reach of the Nazis. 

Today, in Central America - an area recognized by the UN as the focal point of the worldwide illicit drug trade and where governments are little more than agents of the drug cartels - parents are repeating that same agonizing practice. Only this time they aren’t releasing their children to British government officials or American private relief workers - those officials and workers aren’t there. This time, parents are releasing their children, some of them 3 and 4 years old or younger, to the control of Coyotes - guides of questionable repute who, for a fee, bring the children across Mexico to the US border.

Not long after Jewish parents sent their children away, much of Europe closed to the West and the Nazi murder of Jews ensued. For many of those families, the children who escaped to England and the US were the only family members who survived the atrocities. One can only wonder what calamity awaits the families of Central America if we sit idly by and do nothing.